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sofatutor - <br/>Improve Grades with Fun

Starting Point and Methodology:

The project dealt with a learning platform that offers students from the first to the 13th grade an extracurricular offer for learning the school material.  

The business model includes a subscription system and a 30-day trial period. The study investigated the customer journey with its emotional activation, need fulfillment considerations, and motivational situation in order to be able to generate new insights into the product's value proposition at the end. 

The goal of the project was therefore to analyze drivers and inhibitors of the use of the learning platform among newly acquired users and long-term subscribers and to identify recommendations for action. Which obstacles to the daily use of the platform and which individual aspects of the value proposition could be identified? 

Methodologically, a diary study was designed to obtain information and data as unbiased and up-to-date as possible. 

Implementation of the Study:

In order to achieve the most detailed and in-depth possible recording of students' everyday life, the study design was based on a qualitative, remote-supported diary survey, in which students, supported by a messenger tool as a low-threshold and familiar instrument, each provided brief information on predefined questions. 

The questions were standardized, but adapted to the understanding of the respective students in the individual dialogue. A daily, human, messenger-type dialogue emerged.


Through the diary analysis data, it was possible to identify various gains and pains that the learning platform brings.

The value of the learning platform was presented in a value map, from which the main results could be derived. Thus, usage inhibitors of everyday use such as time commitment, free time collisions, and motivational aspects could be uncovered. Also, the questions, which aspects contribute to a regular and satisfying use (gain creators), and relevant new insights could be gained, as well as on which problem sofatutor actually solves for the students. Furthermore, emotional activation was examined. Almost all test persons showed positive activation patterns. The learning platform was also convincing in terms of comprehensibility and motivation.


Frequency and duration of use are not the only decision criteria for continuing subscriptions. The effect on the students is the decisive factor, and communication with parents is a decisive factor here. The effect on the students does not have to be objective, but can also be seen, for example, in the emotions towards learning.

Key Learnings:

With the help of the special format of the diary study in combination with remote media, it was possible to collect data from the specific target group of students on a daily basis and close to their behavior. It was shown that the learning platform can compensate for disadvantages from everyday school life and that the target group is highly motivated to use it. Important usage drivers and inhibitors within the customer journey were identified and important insights were added to the value proposition.