BIFI's Inhouse Tool -
Feature Balance Indicator®

BIFI's Inhouse Tool - <br/>Feature Balance Indicator®

Starting Point:

Software development capacities are a limited corporate resource. Therefore, it is often difficult to decide which features should be developed in which order or which functions should have priority in the implementation. This decision is very important in order to use the development resources efficiently and to generate the greatest possible benefit for the users as quickly as possible.

Feature Balance Indicator:

To help with this decision, the BIFI team has developed the 'Feature Balance Indicator', which calculates the 'Opportunity Index' via various dimensions and a formula. The result is an empirically generated, valid feature roadmap. This tool was validated with the kind support of and has been showing companies since 2014 how their product should develop in order to have the greatest possible effect on the target group - with efficient use of resources.

A feature cannot only be relevant for a user, it can also make her satisfied - and that on two different dimensions. Last but not least, the future frequency of use must also be taken into account for the development effort. And: Is it a large or small feature? Thanks to our tool, the features can be compared with each other with regard to these dimensions.

With the help of these dimensions, a representative sample can be used to analyze which features should be prioritized. The result is a clearly interpretable roadmap that helps decision-makers to back the right path:

The roadmap indicates which features scored best among respondents and should therefore be prioritized. If it is possible to quantify the development effort per feature, it is even possible to generate roadmaps taking the development effort into account!